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More Than 700 Votes Were Casted to Recall Former Dundy Co Sheriff CJ Smith

Dundy Co Sheriff Dundy Co Sheriff

The citizens of Dundy County came together and voted former Sheriff CJ Smith out of office in a recall election finalized the night of Tuesday Nov. 14th 2023. Smith was voted in as Sheriff just a year ago with an eight-month deadline to obtain his Nebraska Law Enforcement Basic Certification. Smith could not obtain certification through the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Academy and was unable to show good cause.

Following state statute, the Dundy County Commissioners have fined Smith the equivalent of his wage since early September, when the 8-month deadline for him to gain certification passed. 

In the recall election,  712 votes were casted to recall Smith passing by almost a 92 percent majority. 

The Dundy County Commissioners met at the courthouse in a special session Wednesday morning where they appointed Ryan King as interim sheriff. The Dundy Commissioners will now advertise across the state and take applications for a new sheriff. The commissioners will have 45 days to find a permanent replacement.